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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which stores can I buy the GX-1 at?
    Our instruments can only be purchased direct from us. We produce in very limited quantities to ensure that every customer gets the best possible experience!
  • How long will my order take?
    We here at Badlands Guitar Company can think of a lot of great, positive ways to sum up our experience with our very first run of guitars, but one word in particular springs to mind: “educational.” We learned a lot about what it takes to navigate the business of selling top-quality instruments. One way we’re leveraging that experience is through a newly phased ordering process. We believe this new process will lead to a more predictable and better overall experience for our BGC family. Each BGC guitar is produced in limited batches. Payment options (at checkout) might include : - Upfront payment-in-full, or - non-refundable deposit. *Please note : Refund requests for full payment orders that haven't shipped will be subject to a 10% hold-back to cover nonrecoverable transaction fees. Additionally, any deposit order cancellation requests are also subject to a non-refundable deposit up to 10% of the full priced instrument. Instruments ordered with the 'upfront payment-in-full' option will enter the build cycle first with an *estimated delivery of approximately 6 - 8 months. Instruments ordered with the 'non-refundable deposit' will enter the build cycle as the first batch are in final setup & assembly. Prior to entering the build cycle, invoices will be issued for the remaining balance due. *Estimated delivery of this second batch is estimated to be 8 - 10 months. *If at any point we experience delays ( e.g., supply chain or any other unforeseen circumstances), all orders will ship no later than 12 months and the BGC Team we will be certain to communicate with each customer.
  • What if I have a problem with my guitar?
    Then we’re ready to help! We do everything possible to ensure that each instrument meets our high standards before it arrives at its new home, but if there is a problem just contact us. We’ll do whatever we can to make things right. - We respond to emails - We're happy to get on the phone - When required, we'll even do a Skype to assure you are getting the most from your Badlands instrument & experience. Also, be sure to follow us on Social Media for updates. You'll find a lot of useful information there.
  • Can I get different graphics or finish on my guitar?
    Our guitars are produced in very limited quantities, and to help maintain a high level of quality control and keep prices reasonable, we do not offer custom one-offs at this time. However, we are definitely interested in hearing from members of the Badlands Guitar Company scene on potential graphics and finishes for future runs! Drop us a line with your ideas!
  • Why do you build so few guitars?
    Badlands Guitar Company is a passion-driven pursuit. We simply want to produce the highest quality, true-to-era instruments using the most accurate components and design elements available. So for now, we’ve limited our production runs to a size we find most manageable. Then again, who knows what the future holds.
  • This guitar is still expensive for some of us. Will there ever be a more affordable option?
    While we believe our guitars deliver value that meets or exceeds its price point compared to other custom shop guitars out there, we understand that even at our competitive prices, it might be too much for some. We are actively examining some options to produce high-quality instruments in a wider range of price options without compromising our vision. Stay tuned!
  • Who builds your guitars? Who winds your pickups?
    Badlands is partnered with some of the best luthiers in Southern California, where all aspects of the guitar are made. Badlands pickups are handwound in Kent County, Michigan, by our pickup guru. Our pickups are not rebranded - they are built from the ground up exclusively for Badlands Guitar Company.
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