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BGC m88


Custom-voiced to deliver the '80s hard rock experience 

Custom-designed for
hard rock horsepower

Great pickups are the engines of great electric guitars. Instead of choosing something off the shelf, BGC custom-spec’d the BGC M88 pickup line especially for the GX1. A limited-run, painstakingly developed electric guitar deserves an equally special set of pickups. When devising the GX1, Badlands Guitar Company was determined to go beyond simply installing a run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf pickup set and calling it a day. The GX1 presented an opportunity to really dive into the range and power of the '80s hard rock sound, and the BGC M88 pickups are produced with a commitment to honor that sound.


The sound of the 80's

The BGC M88 humbucking pickup set takes its design cues from era-specific OEM and aftermarket designs that helped shape the ‘80s hard rock sound. A bold-but-balanced wind and a ceramic bar magnet delivers enough “push” for hot leads and crunchy rhythms but is equally at home delivering clear, articulate clean tones. While they'll sound phenomenal in any guitar, they are truly a ticket to the '80s Sunset Strip when paired with the GX1. BGC M88s can be purchased only as a matching set if you want to sprinkle a little bit of magic on an axe already in your arsenal.

BGC M88 Specification

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