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Custom-voiced to deliver the '80s hard rock experience 

Custom-designed for 
hard rock horsepower

The M81 is BGC’s exclusive single-coil pickup model, built to our exacting specs. After working through a number of initial tweaks and prototypes, we landed on an design that is perfect for clean and dirty tones alike. At clean and low gain settings, the M81 delivers a broad, warm-yet-balanced sound perfect for all styles. Turn up the gain, and the M81 is syrupy and sustaining; just the ticket for big, emotive lead work.


The goal of the M81 was to build a single coil pickup that would balance well with our M88 humbucker in tone and output. It does that beautifully! However, it has a bold, assertive sound all its own that works well in every kind of musical situations. If your single coils are giving you the “Plinky Pickup Blues,” the M81 is the remedy, no prescription needed.


BGC M81 Specification

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