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GX1 Holoflash H/S

Limited 2023 Production Run - Available as right / left hand & tremolo / hardtail version - Made in USA


True-to-the-‘80s details

One day, back in the mid-1980’s, George Felise and Stuart Spector, two well-renowned figures in the guitar building industry were shooting the breeze in the spray room of a guitar factory. Spector whipped out a credit card, pointed to the holographic security label, and asked Felise if he thought it was possible to apply something like that to a guitar body. Felise liked the idea and subsequently acquired a couple of rolls of the foil from a friend who worked in a label manufacturing plant. After several rounds of trial and error, a method to apply the finicky material was perfected and a small run of instruments was built, ultimately making their debut at the 1987 NAMM show. These new guitars with the “holoflash” finish blew the doors off the convention and quickly caught the limelight with latter-day ‘80s-style hard rock bands like Danger Danger, Enuff Z’Nuff, and Trixter.


Limited production run

Today, the Badlands Guitar Company is proud to present its own interpretation of this iconic ‘80s guitar finish for our second run of USA built, limited edition, custom shop quality instruments. We’ve also put our own special twist on this stunning finish by adding black-burst edges and sealing the holoflash film under clear coat to keep the sparkle factory fresh gig after gig. 


The GX1 Holoflash H/S features our specially designed, USA made, handwound BGC M88 humbucker paired with our newly developed exclusive single coil, the M81. The M81’s big, rich tonal personality is complemented by reverse slant for tighter low-end and fatter high-end response, not to mention rad looks. The neck features our fast GX1 profile and is treated with a warm vintage tint and smooth gloss finish for speed and comfort. It’s also topped with an ebony fretboard, a first for BGC, with a new custom planetary inlay at the twelfth fret.
Of course, the GX1 Holoflash H/S also features our perfectly balanced, matching headstock with signature holoflash finish detail.

More than a guitar...
An experience

Included with each limited Badlands Guitar Company GX1 is a Sunset Swag Pack to round out the total BGC experience. Each item is uniquely connected to the GX1 and the Badlands Guitar Company philosophy of honoring the influential sounds, artists, and gear of those halcyon Sunset Strip days. 

Each guitar comes bundled with:

  • Premium G&G 80's style hardshell case

  • Exclusive blue V-Picks to match the hues of the holoflash finish

  • Exclusive Runway Audio Cable which also matches the hues of the holoflash finish

  • Floyd Rose HexHider Magnetic 3mm Allen Wrench (for trem models)

Additional case candy includes: 

  • Certificate of Authenticity in a BGC custom folder

  • BGC 'Road-Case' thank you card

  • Quality control card, signed off during each step of the build process

  • Limited Edition, framed Holoflash poster

  • 80's patch & pin set


Customize your GX1 experience

Options available at no additional cost

GX1 Holoflash H/S specification

Neck shape diagram

Neck profile: C shape

Nut width: 1.6875"

1st fret thickness: .800"

12th fret thickness: .850"

Fingerboard radius: 14"


Controls and switching

HS switching.png
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