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Run 2 GX1 Holoflash H/S - Pre-order Deposit

PLEASE NOTE:  10% - $275 non-refundable deposit is credited towards full purchase price.


The GX1 Holoflash H/S is a limited, made-to-order instrument available with the customer’s choice of either a Gotoh 1996TB or Gotoh 510 hardtail bridge, left- or right-hand orientations, signed certificate of authenticity, limited edition Holoflash poster and custom hardshell case.


Summary of special features include :



  • 2 piece alder body with Holoflash under clear-coat
  • Blackburst edges for a natural fade
  • Smaller holoflash cuts to provide utmost shimmer
  • H/S pickup design



  • High gloss, 3 piece tinted neck
  • Angled neck heel with BGC Sunset Strip neckplate. 
  • Rolled, ebony fretboard with planetary inlay
  • Badlands balanced headstock w/ Holoflash winged edge
  • Era correct Jascar silver nickel frets



  • Gotoh locking tuners (on both trem & hardtail models)
  • BGC M88 & M81 H/S pickup configuration
  • Dual 250K/500K resistance shaft for optimal frequency response from M81 single coil and M88 humbucking pickups.
  • Gotoh / Hosco YM-T20 toggle switch
  • Recessed cavity control covers for both controls & trem cavities


Selectable Options

  • Gotoh 1996TB or Gotoh 510 bridge options
  • Left of Right hand orientation


  • Premium G&G, BGC branded hardshell case
  • Limited Edition, framed Holoflash poster
  • Certificate of Authenticity in a BGC custom folder
  • Hand-signed quality control card
  • BGC 'Road Case' thank you card
  • Exclusive V-Pick
  • Exclusive Runway Audio Cable
  • 80's patch & pin set


Deposit Order information

Each BGC guitar is produced in limited batches.


Payment options (at checkout) might include :


- Upfront payment-in-full, or
- non-refundable deposit.


*Please note : Refund requests for full payment orders that haven't shipped will be subject to a 10% hold-back to cover nonrecoverable transaction fees.  Additionally, any deposit order cancellation requests are also subject to a non-refundable deposit up to 10% of the full priced instrument.


While deposits are listed as non-refundable, BGC will not exceed 10% of the full priced instrument.


Instruments ordered with the 'upfront payment-in-full' option will enter the build cycle first with an *estimated delivery of approximately 6 - 8 months.
Instruments ordered with the 'non-refundable deposit' will enter the build cycle as the first batch are in final setup & assembly. Prior to entering the build cycle, invoices will be issued for the remaining balance due. *Estimated delivery of this second batch is estimated to be 8 - 10 months.
*If at any point we experience delays ( e.g., supply chain or any other unforeseen circumstances), all orders will ship no later than 12 months and the BGC Team we will be certain to communicate with each customer.

Run 2 GX1 Holoflash H/S - Pre-order Deposit

SKU: 0006
  • Each guitar comes bundled with:

    • G&G Hardshell Case
    • Runway Audio Instrument Cable (Ltd. Ed.)
    • V-Picks Original Acrylic Guitar Pick (Ltd. Ed.)

    Additional case candy includes: 

    • Thank You Card
    • Signed QA Hang Tags
    • Backstage Pass
    • Limited Edition Badlands Holoflash Poster
    • BGC Document Folder
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Badlands Patch
    • Badlands Limited Edition Holoflash Pin Button
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